About GADI

Mission and aims

The Global Adjuvant Development Initiative (GADI) aims to provide the public-sector vaccine developers with

  • Adjuvants
  • Knowledge on how to formulate these adjuvants
  • Training on the formulation of vaccines.

GADI is coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with the Infectious Diseases Research Institute (IDRI). The University of Lausanne and the International for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology will join shortly.

Effective development of vaccines requires knowledge on which adjuvant to use, why, how to use it, how to characterise the formulations, how to ensure consistency, how to produce it etc.

This knowledge is in the hands of very few experts, the majority of which are in industry and not free to share this with the public sector. WHO/GADI has brought together ex-industry adjuvant and formulation experts to serve as a knowledge source, and also to create new knowledge on how to formulate vaccines

Editorial Policy

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